Providence Probation Violation Attorney

Providence Probation Violation Attorney

You have the power to defend yourself against a probation violation accusation.

You were getting back on your feet after your last criminal charge. You tried to follow every one of the requirements the judge set for your probation, but you made one mistake. And you don’t know how to fix it. Whether you missed a payment or tested positive, don’t go into court alone. Rory Munns, an experienced probation violation attorney, will stand beside you and present your best case to the judge.

Find a probation violation attorney who can help you when you need it most.

When your loved one is picked up on a probation violation at 3 am Saturday morning, you need a Providence probation violation attorney you can call right now. Rory can help. Call him at 401-229-5544 or use the contact form on this site, and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

When do you need a Providence probation violation attorney?

Violating probation is breaking a promise you made to the judge in exchange for a lighter sentence or to avoid jail. The judge who granted your probation is the one who will decide the consequences for that broken promise. Probation violations are serious, and they can make your punishment on the initial charge more severe. You can violate probation by:

  • Not telling the probation officer if you move,
  • Not submitting to a required drug test,
  • Contacting someone you were ordered to stay away from,
  • Committing a crime, or
  • Failing any other probation requirement.

You may face significant jail time for the violation and the original charge. If you have been accused of violating probation, you need experienced legal help from a Providence probation violation attorney. Rory Munns can help you figure out the best strategy to handle your accused probation violation.

The time you have to act is limited. Call Providence criminal attorney Rory Munns today.

If you or a loved one has been accused of a probation violation, contact Providence criminal defense attorney Rory Munns before anything else happens in your case. His office is right next to the J. Joseph Garrahy courthouse at 127 Dorrance St. Providence, Rhode Island, 02903.

Schedule a free consultation and find out how Rory can help you present your best defense to the judge. Call Rory 24/7 at 401-229-5544 or message him using the contact form right now. Rory's Downtown Providence Criminal Defense office is conveniently located next the J. Joseph Garrahy courthouse at 127 Dorrance St Providence, RI 02903.

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