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Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer Rory Munns

Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer Rory Munns  has vast experience in representing clients with a criminal charge in Rhode Island. We serve people facing felony and misdemeanor charges in Rhode Island's federal and state courts. Also, our office is located directly opposite across the street from the courthouse in Downtown Providence hence it is convenient to call us up to get a local Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer when you need one fast!

Criminal Defense in Providence

In Providence, accused persons can defend themselves in three ways:

Legal Services for the Poor

Usually, many defendants are unable to hire a Providence criminal defense lawyer. If one is genuinely indigent, the court provides them with an attorney at the government's expense. Customarily, a defendant requiring a state-paid lawyer should ask a judge to appoint them. Also, they should provide the court with reliable information about their income.

More than 80% of Rhode Island residents accused of a felony prefer having a public defender. Providence has several public defender offices. Usually, a public defender is either appointed or elected. They supervise junior public defenders. Besides, the defenders represent financially unstable defendants in lawsuits.

A judge selects a legal officer from a list that the court compiles. The government then pays the lawyer's legal fees with jurisdiction. Rhode Island uses the contract system. The state pays a law firm such as Rory Munns a certain amount of money to address indigent defendants' cases for a particular duration.

Retained Counsel

Most private criminal defense attorneys practice individually or in partnerships. Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Rory Munns has vast experience working with the state.

Some defense attorneys set their fees based on their experience and a law suit's complexity. If one is knowledgeable in criminal defense and a defendant has felony charges, their price will be higher than if the lawyer is inexperienced and the accused person is charged with a misdemeanor. Moreover, defendants pay more money for lawsuits that go to trial.

The defense bar is typically stratified. There is a small category of highly skilled attorneys that handle only few cases annually. Customarily, such lawyers charge exorbitant fees as they mostly represent prominent clients.

For those felony defendants that can retain a private legal expert, the private bar avails more lawyers that are in full-time practice so you can easily find a Providence Criminal Lawyer. The counsels handle numerous cases as they try to persuade clients about their prowess in courtrooms.


A defendant who intends to represent themselves should voluntarily waive their right to counsel. Also, they must satisfy the minimum qualifications to conduct their trial. Few individuals can adequately express themselves in courts.

Areas of Providence Criminal Defense That We Specialize In

We represent clients in the following areas; Providence Felony Crimes
  • Domestic Assault
  • Larceny
  • Death Resulting and DUI Bodily Injury
  • Computer Crimes
  • Possession of Stolen Cars
Providence Misdemeanor Crimes

If you are charged with any crime in Providence, it's critical to hire an experienced Providence Criminal Defense lawyer. Procrastinating will only allow the state to build up a strong case against you. Call Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer Rory Munns today at 401-229-5544.

Rory's Downtown Providence office is conveniently located next the J. Joseph Garrahy courthouse at 127 Dorrance St Providence, RI 02903.

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