Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer Rory Munns

If you find yourself dealing with the unfamiliar and even scary situation of an impending criminal or DUI charge Rory Munn offers honest information and careful advice to best guide you through.

Who We Are

Rory is an RI criminal defense lawyer with years of experience working with those charged with criminal offenses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Rory is a trusted advocate across multiple jurisdictions in the areas of Criminal Defense, Providence RI DUI Defense, and Personal Injury Law.

What An RI Criminal Defense Lawyer Does

Rory provides guidance and defense for clients who find themselves experiencing trouble in these situations. By offering honest information, measured advice, and years of legal expertise, Rory is available 24/7 to answer any questions and advise you in this difficult and often overwhelming time. The legal system can be very complex, but Rory has the personal experience and knowledge to guide you through it.

Where We Work

Rory is an aggressive RI criminal defense lawyer and fights against any type of criminal allegation. He also works hard for those injured by car accidents or other negligence to secure as much protection or as high a settlement as possible to assist you and your families.

Informed View

Though Rory practices in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts region, he is outward facing with a focus on current legal trends and precedents. He provides the best assistance to clients by staying on top of important legal information and translating it for you with honesty and openness.

Experienced Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rory offers years of experience working on thousands of complex cases. Whether you face a DUI or criminal case, or have been injured in an accident or personal injury, Rory has the professional background and knowledge to take on even the most complex cases.

Rory is focused on making this difficult time as painless, quick, and easy as possible. He is dedicated to representing you in the best possible way to ensure your case has the best possible outcome for you. He remains committed to clients 24/7 by giving you his personal cell phone number to stay connected and answer any questions.

Local Knowledge

Rory studied in Connecticut before going to law school in Rhode Island, so he knows the area inside and out. His exceptional local knowledge, attention to detail, and stature in the community make him an ideal choice to handle your case.

Have you recently been charged with a DUI or criminal offense? Are you struggling to get proper advice? Or do you have questions about another pressing legal issue? Please give Rory's office a call today at 401-229-5544 to speak about what options you have.

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