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Domestic Violence (aka Domestic Assault) is a national problem. It is a serious crime that carries significant consequences that often remain with the perpetrator for life. Domestic Violation laws and regulations differ from state to state. Therefore, it is prudent to hire a Rhode Island Domestic Assault Lawyer in the event you are involved in a domestic incident within Rhode Island's state boundaries.

Within the state of Rhode Island, a domestic assault charge falls under the guides denoted in the Rhode Island Domestic Violence Prevention Act (DVPA - 1988). The Domestic Violence Prevention Act recognizes that the crime of domestic violence is a serious crime against society and, established the methods in which criminal courts manage domestic violence cases.

As domestic awareness problems become more visible and pervasive, Rhode Island has taken a similar position as the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) - Domestic Assault is preventable. Fortunately, Rhode Island legislation requires middle and high schools to education students (and staff) about the workings of the Domestic Assault dynamic. The legislation is known as the Lindsay Ann Burke Act.

Defining Domestic Violence.

Offenses that fall within the boundaries of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, include the following partial list:

  • Sexual and/or Physical Assault
  • Stalking, and
  • Emotional Abuse, among others.

However, this offense or incident must involve two parties who have an established domestic relationship with one another. As such, the victim (or the abuser) could be either:

  • A Member of your family
  • A Roommate
  • A Spouse, or
  • A Significant Other

The Take-away - the fact that the offense is related to a domestic matter, automatically amplifies the consequences of the assault. If you have been accused of abusing someone with whom you have a domestic relationship, it is critical that the alleged abuser contact a talented and seasoned Rhode Island Domestic Assault Lawyer immediately.

If convicted of domestic assault, how will my life change?

Domestic assault convictions carry strict criminal penalties. The final penalty is contingent upon the accused's history of domestic violence and, the judge's discretion. Penalties range from:

  • Significant Fines and/or Fees
  • Jail time between Ten Days and Ten Years
  • Mandatory attendance at a Batterers' Intervention Program

With regards to future family court decisions, a domestic assault conviction may impact decisions regarding:

  • The Custody of a child
  • Divorce Litigations
  • Contentious Spousal Support

Overall, a domestic violence conviction affects matters regarding one's reputation, family or even employment opportunities. To circumvent these potential penalties, the accused of any domestic charge is advised to contact a skillful, seasoned Rhode Island Domestic Assault Lawyer to protect your rights. Rhode island Domestic Assault Lawyer Rory Munns is ready to assist you with legal charges you may be facing.

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