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Driving under the influence in Cranston, Rhode Island is a recipe for big trouble. If you are arrested, you will face serious criminal charges and ultimately tough punishments if your BAC is found to exceed 0.08%. An experienced Cranston DUI lawyer can help you through the painful process. What if you refuse to take the chemical test? Well, for a first offense you attract the following penalties:
  • Driver license suspension
  • Enrolling in a drunk driving school
  • Alcohol treatment program
  • Hefty Fines
  • Community service
The law is tougher on drivers above 21 than those below. Suspension time, community services and fines are higher. For 2nd time and above offenders, refusing the test attracts jail time, obligatory ignition interlock device and heavy penalties. If you cause an accident and are charged with a DUI, you can serve in jail for between 5 and 15 years depending on age and frequency of the offense. The State of Rhode Island has very harsh DUI penalties. The DUI Laws in Rhode Island make it necessary to find cutting-edge legal representation before you go to court for the chance at the best possible outcome for your case. Criminal Defense Attorney Rory Munns believes that each of his clients deserves to have the best possible defense. Cranston DUI Lawyer Rory Munns fights hard for his clients that are facing charges for driving under the influence. Rory's office is conveniently located directly across the street from the courthouse in Providence. Visit us or call us at 401-229-5544 for a free consultation today.

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Most people risk their future by not consulting an experienced Cranston DUI Lawyer. Whether you are a resident of Rhode Island or a visitor, if arrested for a DUI do not put your future at risk. Call Rory today at 401-229-5544. With an experienced Cranston DUI attorney by your side, you will clearly understand the charges you are facing. Having an experienced Cranston RI DUI defense attorney represent you is less risky than leaving your future in the hands of a novice public defender. Call Rory Munns today for a free consultation and let him guide you through this tough time. Calling an experienced Cranston DUI attorney like Rory will give you the best chance at fighting your charges. Rory will take you through the process to keep you calm and ready to tackle the case. We are dedicated to giving you the most aggressive defense for your case to achieve the best possible outcome. Have you or a loved one been arrested for DUI in Cranston Rhode Island? Call us ASAP at 401-229-5544 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case.

Rory's Downtown Providence office is conveniently located next the J. Joseph Garrahy courthouse at 127 Dorrance St Providence, RI 02903.

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