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What is a Felony?

By definition, a felony in terms of the court is crimes that hold significant time in state or federal prison, ranging from several years to life. These crimes are considered the serious nature crimes that come across a courtroom and exceed misdemeanor punishments such as probation and community service. When felony charges are placed on you, your reputation, business, and any organization you are affiliated with can be damaging for you. Felony charges can have terminal effects on your career and reputation even if you are not convicted.

Rhode Island Felonies

Felonies in the state of Rhode Island range from fraud and kidnapping to assault and murder. These felonies are as diverse in nature as they are in their punishment sentencing. Each of these felonies listed have a detailed minimum and maximum sentencing for each conviction. These can range from a few years in prison to life if convicted. Some of these felonies like burglary and robbery are upgraded to felonies from misdemeanors based on the value of the stolen goods taken during the incident. Our office has vast experience in representing felony cases with a variety of charges.

Benefits of Hiring An Experienced Felony Defense Lawyer

  • Minimizing the Sentence
  • Restoring Your Reputation
  • Higher Chance of Winning Your Case

Our office proudly defends those who are facing felony charges and hope to seek the minimal punishment available for the crime. Depending on your case and the charges against you, the office of Rory Munns will work to beat the maximum sentencing against their clients and fight for the minimal sentencing available. It is our goal to represent your case in a light that gives the jury the entire story when pleading your case.

When you seek out representation for felony charges, you are looking for two successful end goals to your case. It is necessary to not only beat the charges against our clients but to also restore their reputations. Despite a not guilty verdict, many who have been charged for a felony in the past have still experienced damages to careers and reputations due to being associated with this crime. This is something that Providence Felony Defense Lawyer Rory Munns takes into consideration when representing clients who have felony charges. We understand that we are not only defending your crime but your reputation, as well.

Let Rory Munns Fight Your Felony

If you have been charged with a felony or falling under suspicion for such a crime, it is time to get quality representation. Our office has represented a variety of clients charged with different felonies. Quality and convenience is what our clients can expect. Located conveniently across from the Providence RI courthouse, the law office of Providence Felony Defense Lawyer Rory Munns is available for your assistance in the case of an arrest. Fighting felonies for our clients is the central goal of our office and require a representation that understands the uniqueness behind each felony.

If you need representation, feel free to contact our office 24/7 at 401-229-5544. Our focus is always the best possible outcome for our clients, no matter what the crime may be. Contact our office today for a consultation and seek the representation you need today.

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